Drew Myklegard

    Executive Director,
    Office of Information and Technology (OIT),
    Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO),
    Demand Management Division (DMD),


    Mr. David “Drew” Myklegard oversees VA’s Demand Management Division (DMD), which provides a consolidated set of enterprise-wide services that enables VA to capture business needs, architect, engineer, monitor performance, ensure program alignment, and provide cloud solutions in support of VA information technology (IT) modernization.

    Under Mr. Myklegard’s leadership, DMD is the “gateway” for IT initiatives throughout the VA IT enterprise, helping VA improve solution delivery and provide better outcomes for our Veterans. Within DMD, his work also enables developers to build mobile and web apps using standards-based software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) designed to serve Veterans.

    Mr. Myklegard joined VA in October 2013 to lead Enterprise Solutions for the VA Center for Innovation (VACI). His team developed several web and mobile applications, including the on-demand telemedicine app CareNow, the enterprise-wide correspondence management app VIEWS, and a quality-control app to measure the speed and consistency of the claims process.

    Prior to his appointment, Mr. Myklegard was a consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton’s Capability and Strategic Technology Innovation Center of Excellence, where he focused on health care technology architecture.

    Mr. Myklegard is a currently serving in the U.S. Army Reserves as a military intelligence officer.